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Yesh Gvul - There Is A Limit

Yesh G’vul , founded in 1982 in the immediate wake of the war in Lebanon, is a peculiarly Israeli formation that has occupied a place of honor in the protest movement from then to this very day. The movement, composed mainly of reservists in the IDF, combines a deep moral strength which guided its supporters in their refusal to support the unjust war back then and the occupation afterwards with a sense of patriotism and concern for the security and the welfare of the country.

Yesh G’vul expanded its opposition to the war in Lebanon to the negation of service in the occupied territories. Always a relatively small nucleus of activists, the movement inspired and supported refusal by many hundreds of individual soldiers over the years. It was instrumental in providing information for prospective refuseniks regarding their rights, in launching broad-based protest activities in solidarity with reservists imprisoned for refusing call-up orders and even in mobilizing a degree of financial support for many imprisoned reservists, whose act of defiance exposed them to economic sanctions.

Yesh G’vul has published and widely disseminated all forms of written material - from serious books on philosophical and ethical questions to pamphlets distributed to soldiers at hitchhiking venues, warning them of the consequences of fulfilling illegal orders. From the second intifada, Yesh Gvul has joined a broad coalition of groups supporting the right of conscripts to demand alternative humanitarian service. Yesh Gvul plays a central role in mobilizing solidarity with each and every refusenik and in addition has always been a serious partner in many of the ad hoc peace coalitions formed over the years.

This collection contains about 300 items. The material includes press clippings and photographs, material authored by Yesh Gvul members - including news bulletins, leaflets and organizational documents.
The archive language is English, while the items may be in Hebrew, English or Arabic.


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