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Left Zionists: Brit Ha'smol, Moked, Sheli -and Smol Sheli

From the seventies onwards, the central formation of the Zionist left, MAPAM, began a long process of shifting to the right. The central expression of this transformation was the decision by the party to enter into a permanent electoral pact with the Labor Party, to be known in Israeli politics by the name, Ma'arach. The solidification of the move to the right caused serious dissent in MAPAM ranks. Though most members remained loyal to the party, there were important currents of dissent that found organizational expression. These groups did insist on their continuing support for Zionist principles.

Brit Ha'Smol, led by a veteran MAPAM leader, Ya'akov Riftin, organized discussion groups and published a regular news summary.

Younger members of MAPAM, who opposed the alliance, were among the founders of SIAH. Moked came into existence when SIAH split over important questions of strategy (participation in elections), with a large section of SIAH joining with other groups to establish Moked which succeeded in gaining one Knesset seat in the 1973 elections.

Sheli was formed in 1977 by MK Lova Eliav, who left the Labor Party. Moked, led by MK Meir Pa'il, joined Sheli and was part of the Sheli formation in the 1977 elections.
The formation of the group named Smol Sheli (Left Sheli) was of importance to the left at later stages of development.

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This collection contains about 130 items. The material includes press clippings and photographs, material authored by Left Zionist groups - including news bulletins, leaflets and organizational documents.
The archive language is English, while the items may be in Hebrew or English

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