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SHANI (Shevet Nashim Yahad)

SHANI was organized on the principle that the women in the peace movement needed to go beyond basic slogans, as important as these were, in order to delve deeper into politics. This meant that the group should have a clear position on the basic political issues and make a conscious effort to disseminate its ideas. SHANI also stressed that as a political group, and not just a protest formation, it had to devote a significant part of its efforts to educational work in order to deepen its members understanding of current issues.

SHANI negated the approach that a women's organization should shy away from specific, detailed political positions and emphasized the urgent need for a framework where women could discuss political issues, take clear, concrete positions and create appropriate forums for educational work. SHANI took it upon itself to fulfill that role.

The core group of SHANI activists had their political roots in various groups of the left and the militant peace movement. The group's first statement, close to its formation, considered it sufficient to express a strong women's concern over the effects of repression in the occupied territories. However, under the impact of the events and after a series of internal discussions, SHANI issued a more programmatic document at the beginning 1989. In addition to negation of the occupation, SHANI called for talks with the PLO and expressed clear support for the two-state solution.


This collection contains about 150 items. The material includes press clippings and photographs, material authored by Shani groups - including leaflets and organizational lists, protocols and documents.
The main archive language is English, while the items may be in Hebrew, English or Arabic.

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