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Reshet – Women's Network for Peace

In 1989, there was a good-will conference in Brussels of Israeli women, Palestinian women and women from other countries who were interested in the promotion of peace in the Middle-East. After the conference , the Israeli and Palestinian women wrote a joint document, a declaration of intentions. Their goals were aimed at creating the environment and terms needed amongst both peoples in order to end, in a peaceful manner, the conflict, the violence and the killing. Out of a common responsibility, faith in the importance of the issues, the aspiration to win the consensus and have the ability to pressure the government – the Israeli and Palestinian women of the Brussels conference decided to organize with maximum efficiency in order to promote the “spirit” of the Brussels Document and its goals.

Reshet’s main goals were to create a wide, supporting consensus around the Brussels Document, to apply consistent pressure on both leaderships, to bring together Israeli and Palestinian women and to plan and carry out initiatives. Their main activities were: the accumulation of a vast number of supporting women and their contact information, the distribution of information regarding the conflict to these women, monitoring and coordinating events of other women’s organizations, consistent contact with ministers and Members of Knesset in an effort to influence them, meetings between Israeli and Palestinian women, permanent discussion groups and routine meetings of the coordinating forum. Reshet was active in the period from 1989 to 1994.


This collection contains about 55 items. The material includes press clippings and photographs, material authored by Reshet members - including leaflets, letters and organizational lists and documents. The main archive language is English, while the items may be in Hebrew, English or Arabic.

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