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The Movement for Peace and Security

Quite soon after the victory cheers began to die down after the June 1967 War, many Zionist intellectuals became uncomfortable about the new status quo. Though they had supported the war, in one form or another they were acutely aware that Israel’s “accidental empire”- the occupied Palestinian territories might well eviscerate their own vision of a democratic Israeli polity. The main concentration of the movement was in Jerusalem where it enjoyed the support of well known professors such as Ya’akov Talmon, Shmuel Ettinger, Shmuel Hugo Bergman and Yehoshua Arieli.

A young academician, Dr. Israel Loeff, became the key organizational figure in the movement. Loeff, who was a member of the CPI in Jerusalem, enjoyed the full confidence of many leading Zionist academicians because of his unswerving honesty and devotion to the movement and its activities.

The rise and development of the movement in the late sixties and the seventies were built around prestigious names and many student activists. Back then, it was somewhat daring to come out clearly and state that the territories were a burden and a yoke and not an advantageous bargaining chip. However, the style and the content was very cautious – the movement did not endorse the immediate evacuation of the territories but did warn of the danger involved in unilateral annexation.


This collection contains about 60 items. The material includes press clippings and photographs, material authored by The Movement - including leaflets, organizational lists and documents.
The archive language is English, while all the items are in Hebrew.

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